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____________________________ Energy in Balance

Drugs not working?  Try energy balancing techniques that can both complement and offer alternatives to medical interventions for conditions that can interfere with our enjoyment of life.

Unlike most medical practices, energy work supports all of the human energy systems, including physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual to the extent the client is open to receive it.

Other notable benefits of energy work include:

 No risk

 No negative side effects

 Non-invasive

 Feels good

 Affordable

The modalities that I currently use include Reiki, Reflexology, RELAXology and  Chakra balancing.

All of these approaches work to enhance the healthy flow of the vital life force energy on which we all rely for our next breath.  I believe that when we avail ourselves of the technologies of Western medicine, the wisdom of Eastern medicine and the guidance of Spirit, we have the very best opportunity to live healthy, happy, productive lives.

I invite you to explore my website to learn more about me, what I offer and how to contact me.