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____________________________ Energy in Balance

After feeling run down with low energy and headaches, I tried Lynn's treatments. She suggested a plan for my situation, and after a few treatments, I felt like my self again. My energy levels are much improved, headaches are gone, and I can resume my schedule with ease. I would recommend anyone to Lynn who needs to boost their energy and health, or just to maintain their health. Her treatments are so beneficial.

I had been involved in various types of therapies for several years, physical, as well as mental/emotional issues.  They were the standard types which didn't really change my thinking nor my body.


I started Reiki treatments with Lynn several months ago.  Since then & during our interactions, I was able to see/perceive things within my patterns of thought which could have a  bearing on my overall well-being.

The sense of being detached from the world around me, my negative thought patterns started to change.  I have consistently been improving in every way since receiving good, positive energy with Lynn.



Thank you for the wonderful Reiki treatment today. I felt energized, more peaceful, better able to cope.  As always, your treatments turn me around to be my best self.   thanks again