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____________________________ Energy in Balance

Energy Treatments

Currently, there are many practices with many names, all of which tap into the Universal Energy via the human energy system.  Reiki, Reflexology and RELAXology are the primary techniques that I currently use in my practice.

Reiki is one of the outstanding energy healing methods that has been passed down from Eastern traditions and has taken root in Western practice. It involves a gentle lying on of a practitioner’s hands to channel life force energy that moves to where it is needed; physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual bodies.  The effect is a sense of well-being that comes from life force energies being enhanced and in balance.   

Reflexology, based in ancient healing arts, is a system of manipulating reflex or pressure points of the foot to enhance relaxation, health and well-being. While the recipient is enjoying the sensation, the foot is “informing” the practitioner of areas of the body that need attention (not to be confused with diagnosing).  Skillful Reflexology serves to support the healthy flow of energy to those areas.

RELAXology includes manipulation of pressure points on the head, ears, hands and feet to provide stress relief for the body and mind.  It was designed and is taught by Joyce Dupak, a local energy worker and my mentor.

A treatment takes approximately one hour.  Fully clothed and comfortably positioned on a message table, you may relax and enjoy a combination of energy healing techniques designed to fit your preferences and health needs.